Lilly Development Partners LLC

  1. BulletAccounting of New Revenues

  1. Bullet Vendor & Department Integration

  1. Bullet Risk, Disruption, and Fraud Control

  2. Bullet Taxes and Revenue Recognition

  1. Bullet Training and Re-Training

  1. Bullet Go-Live Support Requirements

  1. Bullet Results & Functional Review

  2. Bullet Consolidated Reporting


Revenue! - it’s why you’r in business, but getting the whole enterprise to support new revenue initiatives can be a real education in territorial in-fighting. Not only can your internal departments be biased, but most likely so are all your vendors!

Your team needs to run the site - but when it comes to enhancing revenues you frequently need some outside effort and vision to get those new revenue results flowing.

Our approach is to create an enterprise wide task force that is focused on a clear result and methods to yield that result.  We can lead this team and when finished - disappear on cue.  This is somewhat like preparing your team in boot camp to take a specific objective. When the objective is won - you’re team returns to being civilians. 

Time is your key resource - use it well. Here are some points to ponder:

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We can help you avoid mistakes, short falls and missed deadlines. Plus our team has extensive folio and multi-site experience.