Lilly Development Partners LLC

Arriving at IAAPA

Joe Montalto of High Mountain Enterprises & Razvan Petrovici of Terra Park, Romania during set-up.


Shannon + Bob Opificius of Disney Parks + Brooks = old friends!

Mike, Kathy and Kris - all Kamps, all cool!

Brooks and Razvan.

His shirt says 52% Rich, 48% Sexy.

Vicki attends the seminars, and pays close attention.

Vicki, Brooks, and Shannon, all Lillys

Vicki and Kris Kamp of Holiday World finally meet in person after working together via long distance on web sales setup.


Kevin Williams, founder of DNA and editor of the Stinger Report, is always checking out what’s new.

Shannon and Vicki at the Grand Floridian.      It’s Christmas time.

Joe Montalto without his Playland T-Shirt. Cleans up pretty good, eh?

IAAPA - LDP’s booth # 3132

Contact us now - CLICK HERE and we can fill you in on our offerings or give us a call: Brooks’ cell  913 620 0951 or Shannon’s  913 226 2982

Thanks to all of you that came to say hi !

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Vicki and the castle at our happiest place on earth -  the California Grill on top the Contemporary hotel.

Eric Eberhart & Shannon

The Getlans and Brooks

Dave Thomas and Shannon

Pierre Maalouf and Brooks

Barry Zweben and Shannon

Ronn Linn

Lynn Brown

Brooks, Shannon and Vicki at Universal’s Harry Potter

and Disney’s Fantasy Land

2013 and before