Lilly Development Partners LLC

  1. BulletBest Practices

  1. BulletFraud Control

  2. BulletCashless & E-Ticketing

  3. BulletRevenue Enhancement

  1. BulletPre-Attendance Planning

  2. BulletPost-Attendance Followup

Price / Offering Strategy :

  1. Food & Beverage

  2. Retail

  3. Ticketing

  4. Season Pass

  5. Web Site offerings

  6. Social Media Promotions

  7. Coupons & Consignment

  8. Mobile Communications

  9. Security, Surveillance & WiFi

Plus the impacts of Strategic Planning on:

  1. Cash & Cashless Management

  2. Loyalty, Rewards, and Earnings

  3. Third party sales.

  4. Folio Management

Strategic Planning & Review

You may never be done with your long term plans as the entertainment business and the economy won’t stick to a single plan. But your seasonal and three year plans MUST be managed or you will waste a great deal of money and time you can’t replace.  Let us help - our services will truly pay dividends in the first year.

We will help you identify and plan:

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