Lilly Development Partners LLC

  1. BulletOne Time & Reuseable Wristbands

  1. Bullet RFID/NFC, QR, and Barcodes

  1. Bullet GS1 Smart Coupon Creation 

  2. Bullet Equipment Vendor Analysis

  1. Bullet Contract Administration

  1. Bullet Hardware & Systems Specifications

  1. Bullet Bluetooth Smart Devices & Systems

  2. Bullet Network, WiFi, Video & Signage

Specifying & Procurement 
Wristbands &

Specifying equipment and evaluating the supply chain on something you rarely buy - like point of sale, admissions equipment, network systems and such - not only takes a lot of time, but knowledge your team may not have.  Vendor bias in this area is legendary, so you need a independent expert view.  We have been doing this for years and can help you avoid mistake$.

When is comes to RFID wristbands, credentials, and smart coupons we found the industry awash with lots of misinformation and misrepresentation and decided we had to take on the task of providing the right solution. So, we have put together a set of products to satisfy your wristband, credential, and coupon needs!

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