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We will be at at IAAPA in Orlando, Nov. 17-20   Our booth number is 3132.


Lilly Development Partners LLC has been established to assist our clients enhance revenues and improve their transactional ecosystem.  “Transactional ecosystem” sounds kind of nerdy, eh?  Well what it means is the ways your various systems handle payments (or as the case may be - the way they don’t handle payments).  The market has a great deal of significant, new, disruptive, and personal ways-to-pay. Many of them mobile enabled, but most not connected to each other or your accounting system.  These recent disruptions are just the tip of the iceberg.  Led by the explosion in our use of smart phones and now tablets, the daily opportunity to pay another way is accelerating - and the financial benefits can be enormous if your site is ready to take advantage of the ways a customer prefers to pay.

The Consultants are specialists in revenue systems and the needs of the out-of-home entertainment industry.  We also have extensive experience helping identify fraud, finding new revenues, simplifying processes, and managing projects from a basic concept, through planning and deployment, and into use at a park, FEC, event or attraction.  We focus on the details, but never lose sight of our clients’ goals and your customers’ satisfaction. 

Honesty, trust, keeping our word, and valuing personal relationships and commitments are the cornerstones on which our company is built.

We would like to help.  Contact us.