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A bit of history first:

The consultants of Lilly Development Partners LLC  have been in the out-of-home entertainment industry for over 18 years.  Beginning in 1997, Applied Resources Inc. (ARI), and Applied Resources Canada developed the cashless payment software that is the basis for systems now operating in over 270 locations worldwide. Brooks Lilly and Shannon Lilly, a father-daughter team who have worked together for 20+ years and are proud to have led the management teams that operated ARI and CORE Cashless Inc.  We are no longer associated with the company operating as CORE Cashless LLC and have started something new and different from these prior endeavors.

Something different:

Lilly Development Partners LLC is a very different company than any of the system vendors. We don’t sell systems, we’re specialists in defining and enhancing transactional ecosystems and revenue improvements via whatever system(s) you have.

For years we have observed clients acquiring sophisticated systems and only scratching the surface of the benefits of those investments. Since all of the system vendors today supply you with “their” system, the challenge is in making it “yours”. We have found that you need to drive the integration of “their” system into “your” work process, business practices, and operations from the inside. 

Further the channels and methods of managing transactions is changing faster than any one company can assimilate them into their systems.  Some call this ecosystem disruption, while many others see it as transaction fragmentation.  Either way it results in more ways a customer has to pay - and for your site - a challenge to take their money.

How can we help? 

First of all we thoroughly understand the ins-and-outs of cashless payment, ticketing, speedy admissions, rewards and redemption, retail, rental, group reservations, scheduling, F&B, inventory, and the performance reports you need to manage these diverse activities. We “get it” when it comes to leveraging web sales, membership, reservations, coupons, and social media to run the business.  With this knowledge, we can help you discover how to leverage and enhance the capabilities of your system(s), to increase revenues and accept payments from the customer - however they wish to pay.

Second: We can help you keep the focus on your goals and provide the assessments needed so you can truly judge your progress in creating a transactional ecosystem that improves revenues.  We will keep the big things focused and the little things in their place.

Third: We don’t sell systems, or hardware, or networks, or software. Plenty of others do.  But we are your savvy ally that knows the difference between a hyped  “feature” and  your true requirements. 

Fourth: We have no axe to grind, ulterior motives, or bias. We don’t take payments from vendors, and won’t recommend something because we get a cut.   We serve at your direction, not your vendors’, so our judgement and advice is always for your benefit.

Fifth: We listen and learn your site’s operations, your team’s capabilities, and your goals.  We don’t play politics, we have no hidden agendas, and we will never be just a “yes man” - you don’t need that!  If we think something is wrong, we will tell you! If we know a better process - we will champion the alternatives to you.

Sixth: We never discuss your business with others!

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